Havasu Falls in Grand Canyon – #Havasupai

Havasu Falls

Okay… So I deleted all the old categories for this photoblog and will be adding new categories by camera and lens whenever I can. It’s not a perfect setup but it will allow visitors to se image examples from various lenses and cameras. This shot here is Havasu Falls in Grand Canyon, in Havasupai. It’s a ten mile hike into the canyon to get here! The guy up on the ledge in the photo is getting ready to jump.

These Are My Saguaro Friends!

Three Saguaro AmigosThese are my Saguaro amigos in Southern Arizona. I love them so!

Rusty Trailer with Turquoise Doors

turquoise trailer

I love rusty trailers with turquoise doors, being one of my favorite colors. Found in Kirtland, New Mexico.

The Bridge Across Two Towers

Bridge Across Two Towers

The beauty of editing with an iPhone and Instagram is a marriage of technology which I’m trying to still figure out. The apps on the iPhone are phenomenal to the point of giving Adobe Photoshop a run for it’s money. Things are moving towards the cloud and having access to simplified apps and tools that are readily accessible to everyone. The conundrum I need to resolve is how to sync the workflow between my Mac and iPhone better?

Cloudplay Over Rural Southern Utah / UFO?


During a lazy afternoon tracing around the vast and empty desert, I’m always keeping my eyes peeled towards the sky looking for some sort of shimmering-flickering object darting in and out of a cloud, or behind it; something that could be labeled a UFO? They are real. I’ve seen them and witnessed the phenomena. Non-believers can call us crazy but it doesn’t change the truth of the matter. There is buzz all over the world about aliens and extra-terrestrial creatures. I know they are here amongst us and all around us. We cannot know for sure why they are here but I do believe they play a pivotal to the future of humanity. Are they really ETs or are they just an extension of ourselves? I want to go to this! What is the UFO Congress!?

Supertramp Bus in Beryl, Utah


I photographed this near Modena on July 4th, 2014. It’s  a neat old bus, off the highway a bit, with two abandoned trailer homes nearby that have been wind torn and beaten by the desert. Awesome rural decay resides in and around Southern Utah.

Broken Angel in San Xavier Del Bac


This old wall art is found inside the San Xavier mission about 17 miles South of Tucson, out on the Pima Reservation. The church has a very strong sense of eerie. It could very well be haunted. It’s well over 200 years old.

Fisheye Motel Sign – In Ely, Nevada


This is located in Ely, Nevada, near the downtown area. My brother and I, stayed in this ratty motel but that has never scared me away from cheap motels. If they have excellent neon signage and Americana, I’m always down. Simply unroll a sleeping bag on-top of the bed spread and you never have to worry about what might have happened in that bed?

Whale Rock Near Rough Rock, Arizona in Dinétah

Rough Rock, Navajo Country

Kanarraville Canyon in Southern Utah

Kanarraville Canyon in Southern Utah

This is Kanarraville Canyon – a best kept secret until recent years when it started to get popular especially amongst college kids going to school at Southern Utah University. It’s a great place to recreate with friends in the summer. Just be careful, it can be strenuous for some but definitely worth the small sacrifice to get there.

Alisa Meshkova – From Russia – From My First Model Shoot With Her

Alisa Meshkova

This image was taken last September of 2013. Alisa has a natural talent to be a model. She was fun to work with.

Havasu Falls – Grand Canyon – Havasupai Indian Reservation

Havasu Falls in the Early Morning on the Havasupai Indian Reservation

The beautiful Havasu Falls in the early morning; I took my tripod down into the water and photographed the water while the rest of my lazy group camped. I’m an early bird and like to get up early. I’m going here with a large group that I’m leading on June 5-12th for a week long. The summer is never complete without a trip to visit the Havasupai Tribe.

Antelope Canyon Stratification


Near Page, Arizona, on the Navajo Reservation (Dinétah). This is probably one of the most heavily visited scenic locations in the Navajo homeland and it shouldn’t be a mystery as to why. However, there are thousands of slot canyons around the Southwest and each one is totally unique. They are carved out by wind and flash-flooding. Beauty!

Indigenous Hair Salon – Dinétah, Arizona

Indigenous Hair Salon

On your way to Farmington, New Mexico, you decide to take a break in Shiprock near the gas station on the corner in the center of town after coming in from Red Mesa on the “Big Rez” which is local slang for the Navajo Reservation which is the largest Indian reservation in the United States. Gotta love this title though!

Duotone Theme – Big Plans I Guess?


Rock Point, Arizona – Navajo Reservation


Picture was shot with an iPhone 4S and then edited with Snapseed and resized in Photoshop CS5

Sacred Mooney Falls in Havasupai – Grand Canyon

This waterfall is over 2oo feet in Havasupai. It is powerful because it has taken lives. This is one of the most beautiful places in the Southwest but it also commands respect.

A Man’s Inner Strength is his Beauty

A man’s inner strength is what makes him beautiful and gives him the ability to believe in himself. This morning I was reminded of this skill and that it’s what attracts the good things in my life. My connection to the land and the people around me is very real and the power of that spirit manifests itself in many ways. It’s easy to get lost or wind up in the rut but that’s the purpose for trials and tribulations, because in the long run those struggles make us more powerful. Someday, when I look back at this picture, I want to remember what I looked like in my younger years. It will also serve as a reminder about where I’m going…

The Cyclic Change

This is a cottonwood tree below a beautiful cloudscape a few years ago. Image was shot with one of my Panasonic Micro Four Thirds cameras. Later, I edited the raw image in Lightroom and just recently exported it to my iPhone 4S where I ran it through an iPhone app that creates the sepia, grain, dust and scratches.  It’s called Scratchcam! This may be an effect that some people don’t like, but for me it communicates how I feel about my art and the intuition that I share deep inside with my images. I think it’s awesome that digital technology has come such a long way that we can now edit images from an handheld device. I’m having a blast shooting images with my iPhone 4s as well and enjoying the art of what they call, iPhoneography. If these new changes to photography are revolutionizing the way we view and capture the world, then I want to be at the forefront of this photographic rennaisance instead of sitting on the sideline.

The Marriage Between Micro Four Thirds & iPhonography

Okay… I’m being overwhelmed with technological advances in photography from using an iPhone 4s to capture and post-process landscape images to using the iPhone to edit and print my DSLR and mirror less camera shots… Okay! I’m not going to give up my regular camera equipment anytime soon, but the iPhone apps are causing me to fall in love with photography all over again. It’s like a rebirth! So stay tuned. This photoblog is going to undergo a lot of different types of photography. I’m trying to post to Flickr, Instagam, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Not an easy feat. Also, this image was shot on a micro four thirds camera then edited with photoshop CS5 and then further processed with the frame using Lo-Mob on my iPhone 4s. I’m integrating my computer and iPhone using Dropbox. It’s pretty crazy. Photo title: Haunted Hallway -Historic Overland Hotel – Pioche, Nevada.